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Forum "Family in Multinational Russia" and VIII International Festival of Family Dynasties "Faith. Hope. Love" December 2016


Meeting in a library

TV Mig, Vladimir, May 2016


Igor Frolov:«Every figurine is a legend»

Newspaper "Nizhny Novgorod News" November 2015


Destiny ornaments: with a cutter and needle.

Newspaper "Nizhny Novgorod Worker"  July 2015


Give yourself beauty! A gift for a winner.  

Newspaper "Nizhny Novgorod Worker"   May 2015


Give yourself beauty! Learning to make a wooden figurine - a spiky symbol of hard work

Newspaper "Nizhny Novgorod Worker"   March 2015


"Biblionight" at Lenin Library.

"Rainbow Workshop"  April 2015


Give yourself beauty! Learning to make a wooden sculpture - a symbol of wisdom

Newspaper "Nizhny Novgorod Worker"   December 2014


Don't miss it! Arts and Cratfs Exhibition Opening.

Newspaper "Nizhny Novgorod Worker"   November 2014


Woodcarving around the world

Magazine "Tatyanka"   May 2012


Igor Frolov's technique of one cutter

Magazine "Tatyanka"  February 2011


Igor Nikolaevich Frolov

"Rainbow Workshop"  February 2010


Revealing wood secrets

Weekly Paper "Krasny Sormovich"  2006