Tours of Suzdal

Maria Frolova- local tour guide

Welcome to  individual and group walking tours of Suzdal.

Tour length: 2-3 hours

Photos from our tours are here

The route is designed according to guests ' wishes.

We will definitely visit our favorite place in Suzdal – the Kremlin. It is so majestic, and every time you stand next to it you feel some touch to the history. It is now a wasteland, and before that there was a small fortified place, which was the Kremlin - a small piece of epic history, where the city of Suzdal began. You will learn about the different versions of the origin of the city name. It is very difficult to understand what the meaning of this word was. One explanation is that it is a non-Russian word, just like Moscow or Nerl’ (river near Suzdal). The names are Finno-Ugric, and the Finno-Ugric language vanished into Slavic.

You can see the Pokrovsky monastery and then go inside it, talk to the nuns. It used to be one of the richest monasteries in Russia, it was very difficult to take the veil there. One had to make a very rich contribution to become a nun of this monastery. First you can look around the Pokrovsky monastery inside, after that watch it from the site above the river – you can see it like the palm of your hand from there, and then climb up into the bell tower of the Rizopolozhensky monastery, listen to the bell ringing and have a bird’s-eye view of the whole city and the Vladimir-Suzdal Opole (plain) in all directions.

In the Museum of Old Wooden Architecture you can make sure that Suzdal is a festival town. The Museum is the main venue for all celebrations held in the city almost every week - Christmas, Shrovetide, Trinity Sunday, Cucumber Day, Town Day and many others. These days the Museum collects the best craftsmen from all over Russia, you can listen to their stories about their activity and purchase original works. At certain times you will hear the ancient epics in the performance of professional gusli (psaltery) players.

Especially for families with children over 3 years old, who will not survive even one hour of the tour, and teenagers, we offer a quest game program. We will follow an ancient map of Suzdal, visit a few points and in the end will find the treasure buried by ancient Slavs. Optionally the children can make their own map of Suzdal on ancient paper - trace the entire route where they have been, mark where everything is.

These are just some of the places you can meet on our walk. The tour often ends in heart-to-heart talks, where over a cup of tea the guests can discuss something about Suzdal, do some crafts themselves – folk dolls, wicker bast shoes, pottery, etc. Wishes are discussed in advance.