About us

Игорь Фролов The father, Igor Frolov, is a woodcarving master. He works in his copyright technique of one cutter, specializing in figurines based on Russian folklore. Author and coordinator of the interregional festivals "Crafts Gallery", "Bratina", "Secrets of Wood". Organizer of the first Russian Trade Union of arts and crafts masters. The author of manuals on wood carving; his works are used in textbooks on fine arts for primary schools.
Мария Фролова The mother, Maria Frolova, is a hereditary master of embroidery. Later, when needlework became her profession, the technique got its name - "filigree embroidery". Maria is a winner of competitions of professional skills and a diploma holder of the interregional festival "Magic Thread" and a quilt show "Russian Soul". Besides, she is an experienced teacher of pre-school and school children as well as mixed aged groups and a tour guide in Suzdal with her own tours and interactive historical quests for the guesta of Suzdal.
Кирилл Фролов The son, Kirill, takes after his father and specializes in making wooden figurines in the same technique of one cutter. He actively participates in all family projects and activities, gets along well with children and teenagers.
Анастасия ФроловаThe daughter, Anastasia, is also following family traditions. Alongside with the needlework which she has been taught by her mother she writes and performs her own songs. Anastasia is the Grand Prix winner at the national festival of author's song "Top of Summer" in 2016. She is also a qualified teacher and has experience of working with children. 

We are pleased that our efforts have attracted the interest of both amateurs and professionals. Our works are present in the collections of many museums that are in demand both in our country and abroad. Members of our family have repeatedly been becoming winners of competitions of professional skills, such as "Bratina", "Magic Thread", "Golden Hands of Masters", "Secrets of Wood", "Rook" and others.The family is the winner of national and international competitions, has been conducting workshops as part of nationwide projects promoting arts and crafts (the program of cultural revival in the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin, the museum of wooden architecture in Suzdal) and participating in international festivals – "Ethnoland", "Journey to Christmas", etc. In 2008-2009 our family participated in a national project "Verkhniye Mandrogi".