Historic quests "Legends of the Ancient Vladimir"

Dear friends!

We are happy to inform you that our friendly creative team now offers street historic quests "Legends of the Ancient Vladimir"!

The main feature of these quests is that the participants are given a challenging task and set off for a journey at the end of which they will find TREASURE!!! The main role of the guide is not to lead the team members but to direct their activities and to help only in case of a real difficulty. The participants get acquainted with the history and culture of the city, and interactive tasks of the quest will help them to better remember the information.

The quest for the historical center of Vladimir is available in two versions:

1. "The Big Journey”. Consists of 15 challenges. The distance that must be overcome in the quest is 4 km. Suitable for groups of friends and individual participants.

2. “Battle of the Teams”. Participants are split into 2 teams, each with their own, individual quest. Each route consists of 9 challenges. The distance that must be overcome for each team is 2.5 km away. The goal is to outscore the opposing team and be the first to reach the finish! The winner takes it all!!!

The time for the quest is not limited, the average time is 3 hours

We will be glad to see you in our new programs in Vladimir and Suzdal!

"Legends of the Ancient Vladimir" quest page on vk.com

For more information and registration please contact us by phone +79209363063 or email mvfsuzdal@mail.ru